A Britton's Guide to the Gold Coast

"A Briton's Guide to getting to know the Gold Coast"

Welcome to A Britton's Guide

 Here are a few things to think about ....

It's worrying not knowing what you will need in order to at least go to the doctors or hire a car. We hope that you will find the section THINGS TO DO FIRST helpful when dealing with the following:

We have gathered together of the information you need to save YOUR time and money.

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We know that you will most probably find a lot of what you need to know by punching it into your search engine, however, first of all you need to know what you are looking for!! 

Moving your life to another country can be really scary so the purpose of our site is to help you find as much of the information you are looking for as possible IN ONE PLACE.

We will also be working with some of our favorite companies (both in Australia and in the UK) to bring you amazing deals on everyday items/products and those things you do/will greatly miss from the UK. What you are about to embark on can be an expensive transition so we are here to help as much as we can.

Documents to keep handy but somewhere safe
Some of the documents that you will need a lot when you first arrive and start setting up will include various forms of photo ID but the ones I found it is useful to have handy are/were:-
  • Passport(s)
  • Birth Cerificate(s)
  • Resume, any references and any paperwork detailing qualifications obtained in your country of origin
  • A copy of your Visa information.
  • Take a look under the Education tab for anything extra you may need to get your kids enrolled into school.

HELPFUL HINT: It is a good idea when you are going somewhere where you will need these documents, to have at least two certified copies of each. Often you will be required to give a certified copy of these documents and may be turned away to get them if you do not have them with you (which can be really annoying when you've spent hours filling out forms and queuing).

WHAT IS A CERTIFIED COPY? For a document to be certified as a true copy, it will need to be witnessed by a Justice of the Peace or a Solicitor. Click here to find your nearest Justice of the Peace. You will need to take your original document as well as how ever many photocopies (of the original document) as you will need. 


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